Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Baby's Senior Prom

It's April 19 and my baby boy is off to his senior prom. In less than a month, he'll be a high school graduate. How can this be? I still remember his cute little chubby face resting on my shoulder, the way his tiny fists would clench onto a tendril of my hair as he scrambled to get higher in my arms, how he used to stare at everything in the room as if he had to unravel the mystery before him, how he used to rub his eyes and slap his own cheeks to keep himself awake because he never wanted to miss a thing. Now, this little gift from Heaven is seated at the terminal gate, waiting for his flight to be announced, and I must prepare to wave to him as he boards his flight. Will the flight be smooth? Will there be layovers? Where will he land?