Friday, March 28, 2008

More questions

Please, bear with me while I ask a few more questions that are on my mind.

Why did Satan rebel? Was he bored in Heaven? Did he need a little something to spice up his days? If Heaven is all it's cracked up to be, why wasn't Satan satisfied there?

The Native Americans have a creation myth that is remarkably similar to yet entirely different than the Genesis account of creation. The Native American myth says that in the sky world, a pregnant woman with uncontrollable cravings wanted the roots of a forbidden tree (like the tree of knowledge of good and evil) and sent her husband to get them for her. Finding a hole in the floor, the husband became frightened and refused to get the roots, forcing the wife to do it herself. Somehow, the wife fell through the hole in the sky world's floor and was rescued by the birds and other animals such as a sea turtle who let her build land on his back and the muskrat who dove to the bottom of the ocean to bring up the land with him. She planted the roots she had grabbed on her way out of the sky world and from her ritualistic walking in circles, the world emerged with plant life.

She gave birth to a daughter who later bore twins, one who followed the straight path and one who followed the crooked path (Jesus and Satan).

These two men fought against each other and are responsible for making the balance in the world between carnivores and herbivores, harmful plants and medicinal plants, etc.

This Native American tale is not the only creation story other than that found in Genesis. I have labeled it a myth, but is it any more illogical than our own creation story? Isn't it simply because Genesis is what we've been taught that we believe it rather than this tale? What if we had been born into an Indian tribe? Wouldn't we believe this story?

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