Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sunshine Peeps Through the Fog

Hi, thanks for everyone's prayers. They must be helping, that and my medication I got from the doctor. I had been off my blood pressure medicine for a week, so I went to get a new prescription and broke down and cried in her office, enough to convince her that I needed something for my stress. I am not even having to take as much as she prescribed. Some days I don't need it at all. YEAH.

Anyway, Zachary's outlook is positive again. Emily's trying to walk without her crutches, but bless her heart, her knee is still obviously swollen. The doctor wants us to come back on May 5 for more x-rays. We were hoping for it all to be over by then. She's definitely going to have a hard recovery, but she seems to be growing stronger.

Thanks again, everyone. My questions haven't been answered, but I never really expected them to be. Now that I've finally voiced them, I think I can move ahead without having the answers. I sure appreciate the fact that God is slow to anger or else I'd most likely be torched by now. :)

I hope everyone is having a great week. The weekend will be here soon.

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